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What is Kidnique?

Kids create art on a regular basis - and boy do they produce! So how do you preserve the artwork without getting buried alive under all the paper?

You can stash it in a box or turn your fridge into a multi-coloured sasquatch. Or you can make an enviable masterpiece from it… Something even more special than it already is.

That’s where Kidnique comes in. We introduce tried and true techniques in a totally new way - combining the craft of collaging with trendy design templates.

Kidnique empowers you to create a truly individual piece of designer art from your own child’s artwork.

And the best part is, you can do it again and again with a completely fresh and sensational result every time.

Here's how it works...

Kidnique Step One

You choose your favourite Kidnique design and get the instantly downloadable PDF Art Kit.

Kidnique Step Two

Then you pick out desired pieces from your little person’s artwork and chop them up according to the template in your Art Kit (sounds heartbreaking but it’s actually super fun).

Kidnique Step Three

When all the parts are ready, you glue them down in the order shown in the Art Kit - creating a collage of absolute awesomeness.

Kidnique Step Four

Then frame and find an honoured place on the wall and watch your kid beam with pride at what they’ve created. You can also brag to your friends about it - perfectly justified.

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