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Kidnique FAQ

What makes Kidnique different to an average DIY?

It’s educational and a blast.

Even if you consider yourself non-creative, you can use Kidnique to interact with your child in a meaningful, creative process, which results in something equally magnificent. That’s because Kidnique enhances the learning process and impacts retention - to help your child not just “do” the art, but appreciate it and take extra pride in the final masterpiece. You can find out more about its educational benefits on our website.

How does it work?

  1. You choose your favourite Kidnique design and get emailed the instantly downloadable PDF Art Kit.
  2. Then you pick out desired pieces from your little person’s artwork and chop them up according to the template in your Art Kit (sounds heartbreaking but it’s actually super fun).
  3. When all the parts are ready, you glue them down in the order shown in the Art Kit - creating a collage of absolute awesomeness.
  4. Then frame and find an honoured place on the wall and watch your kid beam with pride at what they’ve created. You can also brag to your friends about it - perfectly justified.

How do I receive my order?

Once you have completed the shopping cart process via our website you will immediately receive a confirmation email with a link to download a pdf of your chosen PDF Art Kit. This is automatically generated, if you do not receive an email within 24hrs please check your spam folder or get in touch with us via

What if I don't have a printer but desperately want to try Kidnique?

Simply email the file to your local printer (Snap or similar) or take the file to Office Works and request the size you would like the template printed at. You can find a size guide within the pdf download.

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